Insider Hitting Point 4 – Stance

Insider Hitting Point 4 – Stance

Insider Hitting Point 4 – Stance

Moving beyond the grip and plate coverage it’s now time to take a proper stance to give you the best chance for a level swing.  As you coach this game you will notice hundreds of different stances that are used today.  There is no absolute perfect swing; however some make it very difficult to consistently hit the ball.  Start off with a good foundation and you will be ahead of the game when it comes to swing development.

You will hear coaches tell players they need a good base in order to be successful at playing the sport and being prepared for the action that is coming their way.  Coaches call this the athletic position and every sport has it.  Baseball players need to have an athletic position when they are hitting the baseball or playing defense in the field.  This athletic position will set them up to make successful plays on the baseball.

When hitting the baseball we call this athletic position the stance and it’s our 4th key point to successful hitting.  The stance is basically how and where the player stands when they enter the batter’s box ready to hit.  You will see players at all levels with a variety of stances, some very straight forward and others very unorthodox.

Our hitting program is designed for players of all ages and our advice on correct stance positioning is based on average players and will not address every situation.  We realize that players with experience may very well have a stance that doesn’t fit our mold and that is completely ok if they can hit the ball well and are in good hitting position at the start of their drive to the baseball.  If you do have players like this then making a change to them could do more harm than go but again, this will be the exception not the rule.

For most players following our stance guidelines will help them setup and be in a better position once they get ready to drive to the baseball.  Our stance will set them up for success and it’s a must for any young or new baseball player.  It just doesn’t make sense to start anywhere else.

There are three basic stances we have seen players take over the years.  The open, closed and square stances are most common among baseball players of all ages and each has their own pros and cons.  We are not going to walk through all of them as that would not really do us much good since we believe the square stance is by far the best stance to have your players take each and every time they enter the batter’s box, so that will be our focus.  The square stance sets the player up in a position that improves their drive to the baseball and keeps them from binding up.

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