How to get your little Leaguer Ready for the Season

Preparation for a lengthy season of youth baseball should be prefaced by a visit to a great therapist or counselor. Your child will need to be ready for the eventful season and it will help his future self esteem tremendously if he knows in advance the scrutiny he will be placed under. There is no room for error and the vicarious parents of that future hall of famer will torment his earthly soul if he fails to help their son secure his rightful place on the end of season all star team. Nothing is more precious than seeing a Dad give his time and energy to coach a league team so his son will be an automatic all-star pick by the other coaches. It really doesn’t matter how well he plays or how well some other Dad’s son plays, it a code with the coaches. “No (coach’s) child left behind”, a motto to play youth sports by. Actual event: My son was ten and the “Coach” (very loose term at this level) asked them if they had ever heard someone say, “It doesn’t matter if you win or loose but how you play the game”. All of them said yes, and he immediately replied; “a loser wrote that”.

During therapy time, be sure your child gets versed it grown up conflicts. This will happen more frequently than base hits. Teen age umpires are frequently seen crying after the game from being berated by parents and coaches. Coaches are frequently told who they should start in what position because they haven’t got to play there yet. Parents are sometimes escorted to the parking lot by mandatory security at the ball park. Which brings up another topic for counseling; parents sometimes use bad words when they’re upset.

Don’t be discouraged though, if you provide your son with ample encouragement, let him know that you’re proud of him no matter if, where or how he plays, he will probably not sustain permanent damage. I frequently told my sons that certain coaches/parents/grandparents had some mental defect and that anything they might say should be ignored. This worked for years then they figured out that I made it up, and then later in their lives they wondered if I made it up.

Sports are great for kids, don’t get discouraged. Get him a glove, some cleats (soft spikes so he won’t hurt anyone), a bat (don’t spend over $50.00) and some ear plugs. The latter will get more use than anything else and will be more valuable to his future.

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