What major league record has stood for over 100 years?

Hitting a triple is one of the hardest accomplishments that one can achieve in baseball, especially at the major league level. Not only do you have to hit the ball deep in the gap you have to make the outfielder run a little bit and make an exceptionally long throw.

In order for a hitter in baseball to accomplish a triple he must successfully make contact with the ball by reaching third base before it is time for the next hitter to bat.

This is especially true if the ball is hit to left field. Either that or you have to hope that the outfielder badly misjudges the ball or has a weak arm, something which is a rarity once you get past the high school level. At the middle school level and in Little League sometimes coaches will put their weakest defensive players in right field.

What major league record has stood for over 100 years

What major league record has stood for over 100 years

While hitting the ball and running three bases is hard, it is not impossible. To hit a triple, you have to hit the ball in the right area of the ballpark (in most the deepest), make sure you touch the other two bases and also able to beat the throw to third once the outfielder reaches the ball.

The man who is responsible for hitting the most three baggers in his career is someone whom has not played baseball for 112 years: Sam Crawford who played for the Cincinnati Reds from 1899-1902 and spent the better part of his career with the Detroit Tigers (1903-1917) which is otherwise known as the deadball era in baseball.

Crawford also ties a lead for the most triples in a season for the AL with 26 which he tied with Joe Jackson. Crawford did it in 1914 while Shoeless Joe accomplished the feat just two years earlier in 1912, according to baseballalmanac.com. During that era, Crawford came one of the more famous 1-2 punches of the deadball era as he followed fellow Tiger Ty Cobb in the batting order, who ironically has the second most triples in MLB history.

The record holder for most triples in a season among all Major League baseball hitters is Chief Wilson who hit 36 triples for the Pirates in 1912.

If you look at the statistics over the last decade nobody has even come close to Chief Wilson’s single season record of 36 triples. Since 2000, the most triples that has been hit by any one player over the course of a season is Curtis Granderson, who at the time was playing for the Detroit Tigers who recorded 23 triples.

It is a safe bet that the triples record is one that is safe with Chief Wilson for a long time. Unless another power hitter with blinding speed comes along anytime soon.

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