Mavericks Outdoor Practice Plan

Well, it’s getting warmer so we took the team outdoors on Sunday for a full practice.  Upon arrival I learned that dirt had been added to the field and it was very soft from some snow early last week so I got the workout of my life raking and dragging the field.  Besides that everything went great and the players really enjoyed being outside.

For those of you following us on this blog, I’ll outline the practice plan below but before I do I’ll lets talk about my observations of the team so far.

  1. We are struggling to hit right now and yesterday was no exception.
  2. Our throwing needs to improve but is mainly due to arm strength.  Looks like a lot of long-toss coming up.
  3. Fielding the baseball in the infield was actually very good and quite surprising for this age group.
  4. Disipline and hustle was outstanding and the boys are learning at each practice.  Everyone is having fun as well.

Practice Plan:

1:00 – 1:10:

Partner Throwing with game.  We added a game of 21 to their throwing which is having them count out 21 successful throws without a drop.  We had a winner each round and then moved the boys back from each other and did it again.

1:10 – 2:00:

We broke into 4 groups.  Group 1 worked on fielding ground balls at shortstop with throws to first base.  Group 2 was stationed at first base working on receiving the ball from shortstop and moving off the base when needed to stop the ball from going behind them to the fence.  Group 3 worked on a crossover drill in the outfield to learn how to move to the baseball on hits to their right and/or left.  Group 4 took fly ball practice which included coach thrown balls.

2:00 – 2:30:

We broker into 3 hitting groups.  Group 1 took live batting practice.  Group 2 worked soft toss in the cage and group 3 shagged balls in the infield.

2:30 – 3:00:

Baserunning as a team.  We worked on balls hit in the infield with running throw 1B.  We taught the boys to break out of the box with 2 quick steps, peak to see if the ball got throw the infield and then run to the front of 1B and through it.  Once through the bag we taught them to chop step quickly looking over the right shoulder toward fence and turn in that direction.  We then worked on making your turn at first on balls hit to the outfield.  We taught them to break the box with two hard steps, peak again and move slightly out to their right and touch the grass just to the right of the base path.  This gives them a good angle to make a turn off the inside corner of the base.

3:00 – 3:05:

We concluded with a quick team meeting and prayer.

Summary:  Our first outdoor practice of the season when very well considering.  We didn’t hit well but everything else is on track with our preseason conditioning program.  Great start to a very good season.

Hope you get some use out of these quick practice plans.  Remember to break your team up into groups or stations as they really stay more engaged and get more repetitions.  I’ve always broke into groups regardless of the age of the players.  Trust me, it works.

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