MLB August 2017 teams to watch out for sportbet tips

August has always been an important month in the MLB regular season, many important things are defined during this month and the teams work hard to win more games and try to reach the postseason. Although for some there is no chance, they will do everything possible to complicate things to others.

We have a few teams to watch out for if your going to have a MLB sports bet or just consider these points for your fantasy competition.

These are the most important teams to follow during the month of August:

Houston Astros: Although they already have an assured place in the playoffs, the Astros are one of the best teams to follow for the rest of August. The Astros nowadays perform flawlessly, especially in series that start on the road for them. 40 wins and 21 losses on the road is the regular season record for the Houston Astros, they have about 3-5 series left to play away from home, a great potential for bettors.

Washington Nationals: Since last July the Nats have had an approximate 12 series, of which they have won 7 series showing that they have a batting power far superior to any other team. The average run for the Nationals since July is 4.92 runs, 3.11 walks, 8.95 hits, 1.47 home runs and 8.37 strikeouts. They are a solid team, 25-13 from July to date, with a 65.8% probability of victory.

Kansas City Royals: Another team to monitor and take advantage of current trends are the Royals, until recently the team had a record of 9 overs and 3 unders since August 6th this year. Kansas City Royals will likely have post-season chances, but bettors can take advantage of the fact that the team is allowing 6.67 runs on average to rival teams, the defense has not been at all well and they suffered to win some games that have become a regret.

Seattle Mariners: The season for the Mariners has been a huge challenge, but little by little they have been recovering after having problems to win necessary games. The average runs for the Mariners since May 2017 has not dropped from 5.57, with 2.46 walks, 9.93 hits, 1.39 home runs and 7.21 strikeouts, nothing bad about the numbers, they just need to keep improving and during this month they will start playing better. Seattle will have major series against Atlanta Braves, Yankees and Orioles.

Texas Rangers: The main trend for the Rangers is that they have 7 wins and 1 lose at home since August 2, it does not seem to be something that draws much attention from the bettors and fans but they still have at least 8 games at home and there are series against Angels, Yankees and Mariners these are good opportunities to bet and take advantage of the Rangers winning streak with an average of 7.12 runs at home and only allow 3.75 runs to the teams on the road.

Another 2 teams to follow closely in August are: Pittsburgh Pirates; Poor performance in the regular season, but they do very well during the last 2 weeks of August, the Pirates have 71% home win. The other team is St. Louis Cardinals with 60% win and 5.31 runs on average since June 2017.

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