MLB players to watch out for Sunday 20 August 2017

Sunday will be full of important games, as usual lead by top performance, with the best pitchers and batters of the national and American league, it is an important day, it is the closing day of the week, some series begin and others are ending. The rankings almost do not move during this month, unless injuries occur or something worse.

Top Pitchers

Jake Arrieta (toronto at chicago): The Cubs starter has had a very good season, 12 wins and 8 losses, 3.73 ERA, 140.0 innings, 58 earned runs, and 1,200 WHIPs. Jake had no problem staying in good shape, he will probably end up with more than 15 wins this season, but that does not ensure that his team reaches another final this year. This is the first time Cubs-Blue Jays have played this season.

Drew Pomeranz (yanks at boston): So far the best season for Drew, 12 wins and 4 losses, after so many problems that kept him away to adapt and finish developing his game. The good thing for Drew is that he has already played against the Yankees earlier in the season, 5-4 in New York, it was a tight game between Red Sox and Yanks. Drew as a starting pitcher is top notch quality with: 3.39 ERA, 127.1 innings, 48 earned runs, 15 home runs, 124 hits and 1,343 WHIP.

Ervin Santana (dbacks at twins): One of the best things the Twins got this season has been Ervin, unfortunately, the team has not supported their star pitcher on the defensive, it’s a mediocre team with an incredible pitcher . Santana is with 12 wins and 7 losses this season, those are numbers that speak very well of Ervin, with .632, 3.28 ERA, 156.1 innings, 126 hits, 57 earned runs, 25 home runs, 125 strikeouts and a 1,132 WHIP.

Top Batters

Jose Altuve (astros): The Astros starter will be at home backed by Peacock star pitcher, the perfect combination to score many runs and easily win the game against the Athletics. Jose Altuve currently has an average of .364, 18 home runs, 66 RBI, 167 hits, 82 runs and 63 strike outs. Altuve would surely score a run to the Athletics.

Turner (dodgers): At home to the Tigers and against Verlander, it should not be a problem for Justin Turner, .345 at batting average, 55 RBI, 17 home runs, .567 slugger, 114 hits and 38 strike outs. Justin Turner has always been one of the most dangerous players in the Los Angeles Dodgers, he is a player who can easily push one or two runs in a turn at bat.

Aaron Judge: The Yankees home run machine will have a chance this Sunday to show how powerful his batting average against Boston is, but he knows that Drew Pomeranz will be on the Boston side and it will be very difficult to score a home run against him. Judge’s current average is .291, 119 hits, 91 runs, 80 RBI, 159 strike outs and 1,034 OPS.

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