MLB Team Tips for Friday 1 September 2017

Friday’s MLB action comes full of exciting things for the fans and the bettors. There is still a lot to do for the playoffs, but the teams are desperate for the latest postseason opportunities, they are doing everything they can and they have to win every possible game.

Below we cover a few teams and trends that you need to consider for your fantasy picks or that bet that you may make on this Fridays games. Good Luck!

Teams to watch – maybe a little bet 🙂

Indians at Tigers:

The Detroit boys still have a chance to reach the postseason, but it will be a tough battle during the month of september. The team is strong, but they lost Miguel Cabrera for 7 games (fight against the Yankees), and surely he will be necessary for friday. Detroit Tigers has an average of 5.38 runs at home, 3.41 walks, 7.70 strikeouts, while the best hitters on the team average 1.33 home runs at home. The Cleveland Indians pitcher will be Carrasco 13-6, this starting pitcher has already won twice at the Tigers’ home, it will be an easy game for him. Pick: Cleveland Indians.

Blue Jays at Orioles:

The week was pretty horrible for the Toronto Blue Jays, they still have a chance to reach the postseason, but if they do not start winning games, they will not be able to reach the playoffs. It has been a difficult season for the Blue Jays, on the road they have barely won 26 games and 38 losses, that leaves them with a .406 on the road. The average on the road run for the Blue Jays is 4.39, 8.44 hits, and 1.38 home runs. It’s a team with serious offensive problems. During the month of may they had a series against Baltimore Orioles, lost the first two games and just won the last one 3-1 with Marco Estrada. Pick: Baltimore Orioles.

Trends to follow on Friday:

Washington Nationals:

Since August 26, the Nats have completed all Overs (totals), at the moment (before friday) there are 5 overs and 0 unders. The Nats are scoring 7.60 runs on average, and a minimum of 11 hits per game. The bet is on the Over against Milwaukee Brewers.

Arizona Diamondbacks:

The Arizona streak has fallen very well to the team, 7 perfect wins and just one loss to the New York Mets on August 23th. Arizona knows how important it is to win to secure their postseason pass. Colorado Rockies will be the team that will play against Arizona, the bet will be on the Over.

Chicago Cubs:

The Cubs dream continues, they have the way ready to make the playoffs, they have won the last 5 games since August 18th. Atlanta Braves are a mediocre team and they can easily lose to Chicago Cubs. The scenario for the game is easy to predict, Cubs have to win by two or three runs.

St. Louis Cardinals:

The season has not been easy for the Cards, but they have managed to score runs on the road, they have a high average of 8.10 runs and 11.70 hits. The team is a run scoring machine, although they do not have a clear future to reach the postseason, it is a team that always marks highly lucrative trends. The bet for this game is the OVER.

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