Pre-Season: Pyramid Training for Hitters

NOTE: Based on a major re-think of our approach to hitter training, we no longer recommend using heavier bats in Pyramid training. We will soon provide a new page explaining our thinking on this. In the meantime, we have modified this chart below to show a program which combines game-day bat (same weight, balance) for regular hitting, along with resistance tools for overload training. If you want to use this chart for training with a hand-eye coordination tool such as the Rocket Rod, then substitute for .


  • Warm up first! And cool down afterwards. (With running and resistance.)
  • Follow the Pyramid System. (Building frequency and resistance over time.)
  • Train the full ROM (Resistance tubing is for upper body only, use other resistance devices as well.)
  • Take all pitches with Game Bat (whether soft toss or pitching in the cage, react to ball in motion. Use other tools for dry swings.)
  • Don’t over do it. (The chart is an ideal to strive for – if you can’t increase the number of swings or the resistance as indicated, then back off on the frequency and/or the resistance.)
  • Resistance tubing (The Power Source comes with 3 tubing value – light, medium, heavy – which are used in the chart below. If you cannot manage the heaviest, then stay with light and medium and increase frequence by a few swings each week.)

3-4 days a week.
Warm-Up (dry swings with game bat) Upper Body Resistance (tubing bat) Full Body Resistance (bat with fins) Pitches (soft toss, machine, or live B.P.)
WEEK 1 10 swings L band, 15 pulls 10 swings 30 pitches
WEEK 2 15 swings M band, 10 pulls 15 swings 40 pitches
WEEK 3 20 swings L band, 20 pulls 15 swings 50 pitches
WEEK 4 20 swings M band, 20 pulls 20 swings 60 pitches
WEEK 5 25 swings L+M (or H only), 15 pulls 20 swings 70 pitches
WEEK 6 25 swings L+M (or H only), 25 pulls 20 swings 80 pitches
WEEK 7 25 swings L+H, 15 pulls 25 swings 90 pitches
WEEK 8 25 swings L+H, 25 pulls 25 swings 100 pitches
WEEK 9 25 swings M+H, 10 pulls 25 swings 110 pitches
WEEK 10 25 swings M+H, 20 pulls 30 swings 120 pitches
WEEK 11 25 swings L+M+H, 10 pulls 30 swings 130 pitches
WEEK 12 25 swings L+M+H, 20 pulls 30 swings 150 pitches

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