SKLZ PRO TEE Baseball Training Device Review

Whether you’re a baseball coach on the hunt for professional equipment or you’re a dedicated player who is looking to take your game to the next level, you may be interested in purchasing the PRO TEE from SKLZ products.

Product features SKLZ PRO TEE:

  • A sturdy, removable eight pound base
  • A snap lock style, steel shaft
  • Adjustable height

The distinct advantages of the PRO TEE:

  • Stable tee, If you’ve ever had to use heavy weights, in order to stop your bases from moving around whilst you’re training, you’ve love this training product. As its heavy eight pound base, is guaranteed to remain in place, whilst you train.
  • You’ll be able to perfect a strong, powerful swing The key to perfecting a strong, powerful swing is to practice with a solid foundation. As you’ll get to hit off a sturdy weighted base, you’ll be able to hone a strong swing. Which will allow you to hit home runs, when game day arrives.
  • Strong steel shaft, If you’re worried about breaking your training tee’s shaft, don’t worry as this particular shaft is crafted out of heavy duty steel. As a result, you should expect your training tee to hold up through several seasons of vigorous use. So if you don’t want to hold back in training, due to a training tee that moves around, it’s well worth investing in this particular model.
  • Portability, If you’re concerned that it may be difficult to transport a tee which boasts a eight pound base from a to b, think again. As the shaft snaps into place, it can easily be disassembled, in order to be easily transported from your home to your nearest batting cage. As an added bonus, the base itself slides off and can easily be stored in a coaching bag.
  • Adjustable height, One of the distinct advantages of this particular product is that it can be adjusted to simulate high pitches and low pitches. After all, it’s pointless practicing hitting pitches from a single height as each pitcher you face, will have a unique pitch. That you have to be able to read and hit. If you practice hitting pitches from a variety of heights on a regular basis, you’ll have absolutely no problem, come game day.
  • Can be used by adults and children, This particular product has been carefully designed to be used by both little league players and adult players. In fact, some professional players swear by this particular training product. So no matter who you are, you’ve found the ultimate training tee.

Conclusion: Is it worth purchasing?

So if you’re on the hunt for a competitively priced training tee, that will improve your game day performance or the performance of your team, you simply can’t go wrong opting to purchase the Pro Tee Weighted Pro Level Tee.

It’s superior to other products on the market due to it’s heavy base, heavy duty steel shaft and adjustable height. So if you’re looking for a product that won’t break into pieces after a single season of hard training, there’s absolutely no need to look any further than this device that has many great online reviews giving it the thumbs up.

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