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2015 & 2016 Easton Mako Torq Review

2015 Easton Mako Torq The 2015 Easton Mako Torq is a two-piece bat with a TCT thermo composite technology that gives it a massive sweet spot and speed. Its’ CNX patented two-piece conation technology also helps in energy transfer and improves its feel. The Easton also came with a 360 degree rotating handle, which allowed […]

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2015 Easton S3z Review

Easton has stepped up its game by releasing the Easton S3Z Z-CORE. The one-piece, Hyperlite Alloy design provides players with the optimal amount of power with very little exhilaration required. This new model incorporates Z-Core Internal Technology and is designed to boost the player’s power, while still enhancing control. The Easton S3Z Z-Core helps serious […]

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2015 & 2016 Easton S3 Review

The Easton S3 has finally been revealed! This new model has been re-designed, and is one of the top performers on the market. The Easton S3 incorporates Hyperlite Matrix Alloy which has been re-designed to improve durability, bat speed, and power. The balanced weight distribution makes it extremely easy for players to generate that extra […]

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2015 Easton S1 Review

This groundbreaking line of bats is unlike anything else on the field today. The concept is simple: Help players hit for power. The Speed Series helps players increase their swing speed in order to generate more power. These bats feature lighter length to weight ratios, a lower M.O.I., and a balanced feel. Further trying to […]

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