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Fantasy Preview: Nationals vs Pirates 30th Sep 2017

Over the last weekend of the 2017 Major League Baseball regular simple, the two-part formula for the Washington Nationals is very straightforward: stay sharp and stay healthy, as the team heads into the postseason. Washington will face the Chicago Cubs in the National League Division Series. In case anyone forgot, the Cubs are the defending […]

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Cardinals vs Pirates Preview 22 September 2017

In this National League Central matchup series starting on the 22 September @ Pirates, the second place St Louis Pittsburgh Cardinals take on the fourth place Pirates. The Cardinals look to move into position for a post season spot, while the Pirates look to finish out 2017 on a high note. The pitching match ups […]

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Pittsburgh Pirates versus Milwaukee Brewers 11th September 2017

Fantasy preview of the Pittsburgh Pirates versus Milwaukee Brewers series starting 11th September @ Brewers. In this National League Central match up, the fourth place Pirates take on the second place Brewers. In another series two relatively even teams, the Brewers certainly have more firepower offensively, which is likely to be the key to the […]

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Pittsburgh Pirates versus St. Louis Cardinals Series 8th September 2017

This National League Central rivalry features the third place Cardinals versus the fourth place Pirates starting 8th September at the Cardinals Busch Stadium. The Pirates are one of my all time favorite teams so i can’t wait for these match-up games. While the Cardinals appear to have the edge in most phases of the game, […]

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