Why Tall Baseball Pitchers are better than Short Pitchers

The mechanics of pitching a baseball explain why tall pitchers are better than short pitchers.

  1. Tall pitchers stand higher on the mound. The angle of the ball as it crosses the plate is deceptive and can break the batter’s timing. Gravity gives the tall pitcher an edge.
  2. Tall pitchers have a longer leg kick and larger arm motion. This longer range of motion gives better distance, improving the delivery of the curve ball.
  3. Tall pitchers tend to be thinner. While this is not better for producing power, it better conceals off-speed pitches. The larger arm motion is distracting to the batter and affects the timing of the swing. This ease of motion allows the tall pitcher to throw more pitches.
  4. Tall pitchers have longer fingers, making it easier to grip the ball. A better grip on the ball allows for more finesse on the pitch. The more surface of the ball that is covered by the pitcher’s hand, the less likely the batter will be able to detect the release of the ball.
  5. With a longer leg stretch off the mound, the tall pitcher leaves the mound toward the plate. This puts the tall pitcher in a better position to field the ball or cover first base, if necessary.

Short pitchers have their strengths. The short pitcher has a more compact range of motion and a stockier build, which produces more power. As the shorter pitcher kicks off the mound to one side, he has less ability to field the ball. A short pitcher is shooting for strikeouts by cannoning fastballs.

Field your tall pitcher first, then relieve him with the short pitcher.

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