The Guidelines to Hitting Station


  1. Wiffle balls from wind-up (20 feet)
  2. Wiffle balls from stretch (20 feet) BY having stations 1 and 2 opposing as shown, the wiffles get exchanged from station to station.
  3. Double ball soft toss hit into screen. Double ball means the feeder soft tosses two stacked balls at the same time and as they separate calls ‘high’ or ‘low’ telling the hitter which one to go after. (Also called HiLo.)
  4. Short feed from knee (tighter in than station 3, if you don’t have another screen, then use sponge balls top protect the back stop. Also vary the feed, inlcuding holding on to some so the batter improves reaction times.)
  5. Overhand from behind L screen to backstop. (20 feet. Use tennis balls to protect the backstop.)
  6. Birdies or mini-wiffles thrown (15 feet). Badminton birdies tend to hold their line better, wiffles can be used for breaking pitches.
  7. Bunting down the third base line.


  • The hitter at each station should be on the dirt portion of the field (some positions can be adjusted slight from those shown, depending on the field.)
  • Each station lasts two minutes. Both players at each station get a turn as the hitter (one minute each)
  • Players can move as a pair to the next station together, or you can rotate them in opposite directions so everyone on the team connects with everyone else.
  • If you have more or less than 14 players you can either have a different number of stations, and/or some with 3 players instead of two.
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