Varo Baseball Bat Weight Review

Baseball bat weights are commonly used by players to strengthen their arms, warm-up and help them to develop bat swing speed. They are are great for practicing and warming up before the game and for keeping your bats “sweet spot” protected from any damage. Commonly known as bat donuts / sleeves they have been around in many shapes and forms since the year of 1955.

The latest breed of weights “bat donuts” offer a sleek appearance and a user friendly installation and removal process that is so dam easy. Made from the highest quality materials these weights are proudly made in the USA. You can view the latest prices and customer reviews on the Varo weights HERE.

Varo Baseball Weight Overview:

Varo makes a variety of baseball bat weights to allow for varying bat sizes and age and experience of the player, so whether you are in a national league or a little league player Varo has a weight designed especially for you. Today, we will be looking specifically at Varo’s Arc and Cor versions of their baseball bat weights, Varo weights for softball bats exist also.

Little leagues use them to help train their teams to add endurance and strength during practices and improve overall performance in their games. They make some specifically to fit the smaller bats youth used for their games. The smaller Arc versions fit a 2 ¼ inch bat that weighs 31 ounces or less. The Arc and Cor come in a variety of great bold and sexy colors. Just to state the obvious, these weights are only to be used when you are not hitting or trying your hardest to belt that pesky ball 🙂

Varo Baseball / Softball Bat ARC Weight 12oz

Varo Baseball Bat Weight has many versions of the ARC in varying weight and sizes to accommodate any size bat. It’s especially well made. The weight itself is made of an air diffusion technology to create a lighter body that gives a more natural wind resistance. This 12oz (small) donut fits 2 1/4″ barrell bats and the 12oz: fits 2 3/4″ & 2 5/8″ barrel bats.  The ARC 12oz softball: Fits 2 1/4” barrel softball bats. The cushion fit technology has rubber-infused fins to eliminate friction on the bat while safeguarding the barrel from rings and scratches to protect the sweet spot at all times when your not taking real aim.

Varo’s patented advanced weight distribution technology helps evenly disperse weight to the end of the bat helping to reenact a swing. This helps the player work on mechanics while strengthening muscles that are specifically use while playing baseball. The Varo Arc is perfect for contributing to developing a swing to the inside path to the baseball. The Arc gives a natural feel like in a real game, helping the player improve batting speeds while strengthening the wrists, and forearms.

The Varo Baseball Bat Weight is easy to put on and off. To place the Arc on your bat just put the knob in first and slide it down to the other end and tap it on the ground to fit snugly. To take off take it upside down on the ground to loosen. Using the Arc is is an excellent way to increase your stamina and strength. Once you remove the weight off your bat, you will swing much harder and faster. There is also a version of the Arc designed specifically for softball players.

Varo Baseball Bat Cor Weight 20oz.

Varo’s Cor is a twenty-ounce weight that dispenses weight at the barrel to give you a traditional and balanced feel. It provides optimal skill levels whether you are a baseball pro or a beginner. This 20oz donut: fits 2 3/4″ & 2 5/8″ barrel bats. The new cushion-fit technology helps to safeguard the barrel from rings and scratches. The rubber infused fins prevent fiction on the bat. Since the Cor grips on the taper of your bat to protect the sweet spot, other traditional bat weights lock onto the barrel often causing damage. The True-Fit Core makes a precise snug fit to your bat size and type to prevent it falling out of place while swinging.

The sleek design Varo Cor comes in black, graphic, and silver. It is not meant for use during a game but intended to help work on developing skills and muscles to improve your performance during the game. You should not use it to strike balls or softballs. The Cor is designed to provide swing practice to improve your batting speeds. Proper weight distribution is essential to achieving a good swing as you practice. Confidence comes with repetition. Using a Varo Baseball Bat Weight helps promote a correct bat path and weight distribution.

The repetitive swinging gives you increased strength in your wrist and arms to give you an improved overall performance. The Varo Bat Weight helps to improve your game so consider trying a Varo ARC or Cor depending on your requirements. The technology behind both is impressive, and the results can be seen quickly with repetitive use. You will see your game dramatically improve as you gain the strength, endurance, and stamina.

Some Quotes by Pro Users from the Varo Website.

“Varo was an instant hit with our players. It is a unique product that all of our guys immediately used on deck! It fits perfectly on the sweet spot of the barrel and it’s not too heavy or too light. Perfect technology for the serious hitter. Rich Hill, University of San Diego Head Coach”

“The Varo ARB bat weight is durable, easy to travel with and most importantly allows for our hitters to maintain repeatable and athletic barrel movements when preparing to hit. Baseball is a game where process is KING, the Varo ARC prepares you through the process to help achieve exceptional results. Keith Beauregard, Santa Clara University Baseball Coach”

Reviews from Users.

Don’t just believe us, take a look at what real purchasers are saying about the Varo weights HERE.

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