Great Baseball Workouts for Pitchers

Here is a guest post by one of my readers.

Baseball is a very unique sport in which the control of the game emanates from one position: the pitcher. The pitcher controls the tempo of the game, and in many cases will dictate the score of the game, depending on how effective he is. There are a number of great baseball workouts for pitchers that can help in teaching a pitcher how to effectively control a game.

In that vein, baseball workouts for pitchers can include both physical and emotional drills that will enable a pitcher to effectively know what to throw to every hitter, and how to throw it.

From a physical standpoint, workout programs should be developed that emphasize four different areas of the body: Arms, shoulders, legs and abs. In order to develop great velocity, each must work in concert with each other.

Once a workout plan has been developed and implemented, baseball workouts for pitchers can be developed to learn how to use each part of the body in unison in order to stress a proper throwing motion with the right mechanics in place. For instance, if not pushing off the mound properly with the legs and just using the upper body to initiate velocity, the throwing shoulder will burn out very quickly.

Every good set of baseball workouts for pitchers should absolutely stress the ability to throw pitches for strikes. When using the legs, abs, shoulders and arms in concert with each other, better command is much easier to obtain. After a lousy pitching outing, many professional baseball pitchers will look at video to determine whether or not their mechanics were right. In many cases they were not, so they work with their coaches to determine corrective action.

Baseball workouts for pitchers should absolutely employ the use of video for the same exact reason. Once a proper throwing motion has been established, constant repetition and monitoring is required in order to retain that same motion every time out on the mound. For instance, a pitcher may have been wild because his lead shoulder was flailing out instead of being properly aligned toward the plate. Monitoring through video can easily correct this problem.

Baseball workouts for pitchers should also include stamina building exercises. Itís the dream of every pitcher to throw a complete game, and without proper stamina, especially on a hot day, they can break down quite easily and stray from good sound pitching mechanics.

Baseball workouts for pitchers require proper gym time, proper throwing time and the use of video monitoring in order to be effective. Understanding how to harness your power to use effectively against every hitter will allow you to better control the outcome of each and every game in which you pitch.

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