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Editorial Freelancer FAQs

Getting started

What type of writers are you looking for?
We are looking for all types and levels of writers, from trained and experienced journalists and subject matter experts to amateurs who have an ability to follow guidelines and a desire to learn. Our clients range from respected medical journals to lighthearted trivia sites. The general rule when applying for a current opening is to submit two published, relevant clips with a byline from a legitimate media outlet.

What if I’m an editor, not a writer?
Please apply! We are always in need of excellent fact checkers and editors to complete the writing process before publication. Please apply for the role of editor and/or fact checker, and we’ll set you up for the testing process.

What style guide do I use?
Many of our clients use AP style. However, certain clients require AMA style, Chicago style or style guides created specifically for their company. All freelancers working for The Baseball Index must be comfortable following the style guides provided to them for a given assignment.

Do I have to pay for network membership?
No! It is completely free to set up a profile in the network. We pay you, not the other way around.

How do I get started?
Apply for a specific opening on our editorial freelance jobs page by emailing a resume and two relevant clips to info@baseballbeforeweknewit.com. We process all applications within two weeks and will reply with specific assignment details if you are a good fit for one of our current or ongoing projects.

Getting paid

How much do I get paid?
Pay per piece varies greatly depending on a variety of factors, including word count, depth and breadth of the subject and research required. Some of our assignments are lower in pay per piece but offer a high volume; other assignments require expert writers and pay industry standards. Editors and fact-checkers are also paid according to the time and expertise required for each project.

How do I collect payment?
After a project has been completed and delivered to the customer, all writers and editors who contributed to the project will be credited the dollar amount to their network accounts. Twice a month, on approximately the 15th and 30th of every month, these dollar amounts will be transferred to each user’s PayPal account.

Getting assignments

How do I get new assignments?
There are three ways to get new assignments:

    • You can apply for an opportunity from our list of current freelance openings by sending a resume and two clips to info@baseballbeforeweknewit.com
    • Once you have worked with us, an editorial project manager may contact you directly for new assignments based on your qualifications and experience
    • You may also be contacted for a group audition based on your qualifications for a certain project, in which case you will usually be asked to do a sample assignment.

How do I submit my work?
Once you are hired for a project, an editorial project manager will train you on the specific project requirements. You will submit all content and work directly in our online workflow tool, which keeps track of all your current and past assignments as well as payments. Create a free account and read the tutorials to more fully understand our assignment and submission process.

Getting published

Who owns the rights to my articles?
By submitting an article through The Baseball Index, you are selling the article and all rights to the article to a specific client, with whom TBI. A standard freelancer contract states that you will deliver original work and not publish this work elsewhere.

Where will my articles end up?
Your article may be published in a variety of formats, including print and online, as determined by the client. Some projects offer writers bylines and can be used as portfolio pieces; others are ghostwritten. Details will be provided to you before you accept work on a given project.