Youth Baseball Practice Plan

Every great practice starts with a solid plan of action so make sure you develop one before showing up to the field.  Take your time and make sure you think out what you want or need your team to accomplish at every practice.  Don’t be the coach that wings it.  You won’t be as good as you can be by doing that.  Planning is a key component of being an exceptional coach so take the time to plan and then work your plan.   

Below you will see our basic baseball practice plan for a 90 minute practice.  This plan is designed for you to modify to suit the needs of your team regardless of the age group you are working with.  The plan doesn’t include drills at this point as that could take up an entire book in itself.  Just follow the plan with your favorite baseball drills and you will see things improve for you and your team.

“Insert Team Name” Baseball Practice Plan

“Insert Date”

Pre-practice Throwing: “Have the players that arrive early warm their arms up by playing catch for 5 minutes or so before practice.   Keep them close to each other and make sure they are making good throws.

Introduction – 5 minutes: “Tell the players what you are doing today and explain your objectives.  Encourage good work ethic and participation”.

Warm up – 10 minutes: “This should consist of stretching or light running.  Design it based on the age group you are coaching and remember very young players don’t need to stretch much”.

Base running – 10 minutes: “Run a couple of drills to teach a specific base running skill.  Additionally, you could include a base running competition between players”.

3 Practice Stations – 30 minutes: “Setup three drills with equal number of players.  Consider one fielding drill, one hitting drill, and one throwing drill.  Each drill will run 10 minutes and the players will rotate”.

Batting Practice – 20 minutes: “Setup the players at various fielding positions and have three players get helmets on.  Conduct batting practice with a coach throwing BP or if you play machine pitch have the machine throw to the players”.

Base running or Speed and Agility – 10 minutes: “Conduct another round of base running drills that were not used in the earlier session.  As an alternative you could do some type of speed and agility training with an agility ladder or cone work”.

Coaches Talk – 5 minutes: “The coach should summarize what was covered during practice today and talk about the successes and opportunities for improvement.  Thank the players for their effort during practice and ask if they have any questions.  Ask the Assistant Coaches if they have anything to add”.

Post Practice Discussions – Open: “Don’t forget to stay around and be available to your parent’s right after practice.  Let them know up front they can talk to you at this time.  This way you will present an open door policy which will lead to much better parent coach relationships”.


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