Zooka ZS740 Pitching Trainer Review

The Zooka ZS740 is a unit to enhance the batting and fielding skills of baseball players. This revolutionary machine is compact and easily portable along with numerous advanced features. Players can use this machine for a variety of pitches and improve their game performance quickly and easily.

The Zooka ZS740 pitcher can be used for overall training during outfield and infield drill sessions and is an ultimate tool to hone you skills. It’s not just machine to use for batting practice, you can use it for catching and field practice sessions also.

Special Features of the baseball training machine:

You get a number of unique features with this baseball trainer. Players can face-up to real baseballs up to a speed of about 65 mph by using the Zooka ZS740 machine. The speed of the balls can be adjusted between 10 to 65 mph through a simply operated digital panel. The machine is capable of throwing different types of balls such as softballs, tennis balls, wiffle balls, dimpled balls and real spec baseballs. This allows players to practice with softer balls and improve their efficiency anytime without having to gear up. Other balls can also be used to improve hitting efficiency for other games such as softball or even tennis.

Zooka has implemented an advanced rechargeable battery for powering this baseball trainer. Once fully charged, the baseball trainer can easily throw over 500 pitches for practicing without a recharge. The trainer throws consistent pitches throughout the practice. The machine also comes with a tripod which can be mounted for panning 360 degrees and increasing the height of pitch release up to 43 inches. Using the digital programmer, players can set highly versatile training sessions and practice with different pitches for various drills.

Additional benefits:

The Zooka ZS740 doesn’t feature any external moving parts making the machine safe to be used by kids. It features an air compression system to push the balls out of the barrel using air pressure. The machine just weighs in at just 30 pounds and can be easily carried around along with a separate extra battery for extended training sessions. Setting up and dismantling the machine takes only a few minutes which makes the machine an ideal tool for quick in between practice or warm-up sessions.


  • Lights and a beeper alert the batter to when the ball is about to take flight
  • At random the unit can throw a ball off speed pitch just to mix things up
  • Rechargeable battery avoids wires and hassle
  • Safe to use by all ages – no electricity cables
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Digital control panel for adjusting pitches
  • Allows the user to program games beforehand
  • Wide variety of pitches and speeds to suit all player requirements
  • Strong build quality of the unit
  • Fits in the trunk of your car
  • A attachment to hold a rack of balls is available separately, It holds a max of 16 baseballs or 18 tennis balls
  • Set a password to lock down the unit


  • The machine cannot throw balls with a true backspin which may make it inadequate for training professional league players
  • There is a difference of about 7 seconds between consecutive pitches which may irritate some players or coaches while practicing
  • The panning tripod needs frequent re-adjustment to throw balls on target as the tripod swivels a little during operation
  • As the battery gets weak pitching speeds / accuracy may drop off


Despite being loaded with advanced features, the Zooka ZS740 is very affordable and can save a lot of money on netting practices and other training equipment. Parents and coaches can comfortably use this machine to train players of all ages.

With varying pitches and ball types, this robust machine can be used by entire teams, individuals and families for improving their baseball game. Overall, this machine is an efficient tool to improve batting skills of any player and is highly recommended by numerous teams and coaches for practicing. It has some positive feedback on Amazon by verified purchasers.

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